Who are we?

Shoplex oversees and launches e-commerce operations in order to meet the growing demand for online buying and selling of goods. Despite having a new name, the business has roots in the e-commerce industry and has spent the last many years contributing to the success of several e-commerce initiatives through its knowledgeable founding members.


What We Do
Shoplex offers assistance in starting e-commerce projects for a variety of goods. It offers services for project setup, resolving legal issues, branding your online business, connecting the platforms for shipping and money handling, and ensuring the successful sale of the goods.
Enabling plenty of new projects in e-commerce to sell their products through online channels is never an easy option, as malpractices by one project could jeopardize the reputation of the whole platform and affect the business of all of the vendors associated with it. Therefore, at Shoplex, we are committed to keeping a thorough check on all kinds of projects and products being launched through us, which helps us maintain our name and meet the expectations of our customers.


Business Insights
In recent years, the e-commerce business of buying and selling products online has expanded rapidly, making it a promising area with unlimited opportunities. 

Shoplex has also been doing business quite successfully over the past few years, and our customer base has been increasing rapidly, making us a better choice for our clients from all over the country.

e-Retail Revenue
The e-retail of different products totaled over $2.2 million in 2020.

Sales Growth
The growth of e-commerce sales in 2020 as compared to previous years was 15%.

Increased Revenue
The increase in revenue as compared to previous years was 20%.

Higher Profit
Net profit increased by over 40% in 2020 as compared to an average profit in previous years.

More Users
50% increase in online e-commerce users for the year 2020

Increase online payments.
The use of credit and debit cards as compared to cash purchases increased by 15% in 2020.


Company Values

Our Vision
To become the number one choice for delivering the best online services for buying and selling products.

Our Mission
To focus our efforts on making the process more seamless and innovative for our e-commerce partners, enabling them to set up their projects in no time.

Why Shoplex?

We are committed to delivering excellence for our clients by providing them with effective e-commerce services that have the following unique qualities for vendors and e-commerce project owners:
• seamless efficiency in setting up the e-commerce project.
• Integration of shipment and payment processors
• Efficient marketing of all kinds of products through the online marketplace
• Giving the prospect of growing the business nationwide
• Reliable delivery of the products without any risks

Talk to us

Have any inquiries? We are always willing to discuss business, new endeavors, creative possibilities, and how we can collaborate.